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I grew up on a farm in the small town of Louisville, Georgia and received my BFA in Art Education from UGA.  I later earned my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University.  I taught at the high school level for over nine years and painted in my spare time.  I now live in the small town of Wrightsville, GA where my husband and I are raising our four children and I currently serve as the mayor.  


We were made by a Creator and have that same purpose - to create.  Whether it’s drawing a portrait or painting an abstract, I love creating special pieces for others to enjoy.  There’s something inside of me that just isn’t satisfied until I can create something.  I enjoy doing this for myself, but I get no greater joy with my artworks than when I can paint a special piece for someone else.  I have been able to capture the sweet memories of someone who has passed on, the milestone of a high school graduation, a portrait of someone special, or the joy a couple shares during the first dance at their wedding reception.  


I have an eclectic style and enjoy working with a variety of media and subject matter.  Regardless of what I am painting, my hope is that my artworks enrich others' lives by adding an extra element of joy, peace, or happiness! 


Thanks for giving me this opportunity!

Janibeth Outlaw 

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